Being authentic in modern society can be challenging. To be someone we are not is to adhere to cultural standards and conventions, and we feel this pressure from the media and the people around us. Nonetheless, being authentic is crucial if we want to thrive in all that we do.

To be authentic, one must be truthful about one’s core principles, preferences, and aspirations. Being a true believer means never being afraid to say or do what we know is right, no matter how others might react. We are unafraid to go against the grain and say what we think and feel.

Being authentic increases our self-awareness—the knowledge that we know who we are and what we believe in. Instead of letting other people define us, we can create our own unique selves.

When our choices reflect our core principles, we have greater faith in them.

Being genuine in our interactions with others also benefits our relationships with them. When we are not afraid to show our true selves to others, we foster an environment where everyone feels safe and accepted. Because of this, we can be ourselves around one another and form genuine connections with one another.

Being authentic can also lead us to our life’s purpose. When we are in touch with our authentic selves, we have a deeper understanding of our talents, limitations, interests, and passions.

As a result of our newfound wisdom, we will be better able to choose how to serve the world.

It’s crucial to our well-being to never compromise who we really are. It helps us know and stick to our values, build relationships based on respect and understanding, and figure out what gives our lives meaning.