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Finland is a well-known little country in Northern Europe. Several international studies and inquiries have focused on Finland because of its spectacular natural landscapes, innovative designs, education system, and healthcare. Nonetheless, the Finnish notion of “Sisu” and how it contributes to the happiness of the Finnish people has attracted the attention of scholars and psychologists worldwide.

The Finnish word “Sisu” can be translated to mean “grit,” “determination,” or “resilience.” It’s a core value of Finnish society, and it’s widely credited as a major contributor to the country’s success in the face of adversity. However, the Finnish concept of Sisu refers to more than simply physical fortitude; it also includes resilience and a can-do attitude in the face of hardship.

Studies have found that those who have mastered the art of Sisu are more likely to enjoy life and succeed in all aspects of it. They are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression and more likely to report a high level of life satisfaction. How did the Finns develop this quality, and how can we adopt it into our culture?

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash

The Finnish philosophy of “Sisu, not silence” is a major driving force behind Sisu. In Finland, people are urged not to bottle up their emotions but to talk openly about their concerns. The stress-relieving effects of this method are compounded by the empowerment that comes from realising that one has some say in the circumstances of one’s own life. People with Sisu can boost their sense of empowerment and self-efficacy by taking charge of their problem-solving.

The Finnish appreciation of nature is another contributor to the country’s legendary sense of calm. The outdoors in Finland are plentiful, with many lakes, kinds of wood, and other natural features. Spending time in natural settings has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on mental health, including alleviating stress and anxiety and promoting a general sense of well-being. Those with Sisu can discover the calm and serenity they need to push through adversity by spending time in nature.

Social ties and communities are highly valued in Finnish culture as well. Therefore, the Finnish government actively promotes citizens’ involvement in their extended social networks. These bonds of friendship and community make people feel supported when they face adversity. Also, it encourages people to trust one another and work together to find solutions to issues and accomplish goals.

Time for personal Sisu?

Personal Sisu can be developed by the adoption of a resilient outlook, the use of one’s voice, the enjoyment of time spent in nature, and the formation of solid interpersonal relationships.

Adopting these habits has been shown to boost mental health, facilitate personal growth, and lead to a more contented and prosperous existence. Thus, when trouble arises, recall your Sisu and press on with resolve and fortitude.