Ivan Nyagatare

Ivan Nyagatare is a London-based, Rwandan-born armchair philosopher, author, educator, marketer, and creator. He is the founder of The Wisdomous, a self-improvement organisation that focuses on altering life perspectives. He also founded Ishuri, a free education company where millions of Rwandans may learn about their country and receive a holistic education.

He owns BOW, a digital storytelling studio based in London, and serves as executive secretary of the Rwandan Community in the United Kingdom. In addition, he continues to operate multiple businesses in Rwanda, especially in the ecotourism and art sectors.

Ivan has a background in journalism, finance, and digital content development. He continues to utilise his expertise daily through his newsletter and partnerships with other brands and entrepreneurs.

He has authored and published about thirteen books in English and Kinyarwanda and hosted numerous events, including the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi Remembrance in the UK, among others.

He likes to take long walks in nature and take pictures when he’s not reading books, listening to Bossanova jazz in coffee shops, thinking about suits on the internet, or doing research for his online business project.