I am a writer, educator, marketeer and entrepreneur.

I am also an author, community strategist, and creator.

As long as I remember, I have always loved reading and writing stories. Born from not much, I have always followed my curiosity to learn and experience more from this life.

I think we can all improve as people and even thrive if we push ourselves to the limits of our abilities in new and exciting ways.

I was 12 years old when I began collecting quotes, reading books, and writing poetry to better understand who I was and how to strengthen my character. I wanted to find a way to manage the crippling anxiety I was experiencing, and I realised that challenging myself intellectually and expanding my horizons was a great place to start.

Facing my anxieties, head-on has allowed me to drastically alter my life and look at life from different perspectives. In addition, my experiences have provided me with a plethora of wisdom and lessons that I hope to share with you through my writing.

Things I’m involved with and areas of interest:

  • ISHURI: An educational organisation that seeks to foster a love of learning and appreciation for Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage.
  • The Wisdomous: Creating content and tools to improve mental resilience and develop better perspectives.
  • Built On Weekends: Digital storytelling and copywriting studio. BOW’s mission is to assist organisations and brands in achieving their goals in the digital world by creating compelling stories and engaging content.

I serve as the executive secretary of the Rwandan Community in the United Kingdom. In addition, I continue to operate multiple businesses in Rwanda, especially in the ecotourism and art sectors.

I have a background in journalism, finance, and digital content development. I continue to utilise his expertise daily through his newsletter and partnerships with other brands and entrepreneurs.

I have authored and published thirteen books in English and Kinyarwanda and hosted numerous events, including the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi Remembrance in the UK, among others.

I help a few charities like DUKORE, Umucyo Foundation and others.

I enjoy long walks in nature and taking pictures, mainly portraits and architecture, when I am not reading books, listening to Bossanova jazz in coffee shops, screenshotting suits photos on the internet, or doing research for my various online projects.